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Water Heater Installation
Water heating is a thermodynamic process that uses an energy source to heat water above its initial temperature. Typical domestic uses of hot water include cooking, cleaning, bathing, and space heating. In industry, hot water and water heated to steam have many uses.

Noritz-NRC83-DVTankless Water Heater Installation
Though a tankless water heater typically costs more initially, it usually costs less to operate because of lower energy use—since it only heats water when required instead of continuously maintaining a tank of heated water.

Leak Detection Specialist/Leak Search Specialist
Parzival Plumber’s Leak Detection’s expert technicians use non-invasive leak detection equipment to accurately locate leaks to save water, money and avoid unnecessary property damage. We are Orange County’s leader in the accurate, non-destructive detection of all leaks including hidden water, sewer and gas leaks.

Our technicians can determine the location of a leak by electronically locating the damaged source. Even the smallest leak or pipe defect can be located accurately. This is a distinct contrast to conventional trial-and-error methods of leak detection. The end result means leaks can be found and repaired with minimal disruption to property.

Full Service and Repair Plumbing
Plumbing is the system of pipes, drains fittings, valves, valve assemblies, and devices installed in a building for the distribution of water for drinking, heating and washing, and the removal of waterborne wastes, and the skilled trade of working with pipestubing and plumbing fixtures in such systems.

Hard Water Treatment Systems 
Hard water can be damaging to your plumbing. Parzival Plumbing offers Hard Water Conditioning Systems that will improve water flow without filters or maintenance. The EasyWater No-Salt Conditioner breaks down and removes hard water deposits inside pipes, appliances, shower-heads, faucets and irrigation lines.