Sewer Lateral Inspections

Sewer Lateral Inspections

Plumbers performing a sewer lateral inspection in Costa Mesa, CA

Your residential sewer lateral line is the line of drain pipes leading from your home to the city’s sewer system. In most places, homeowners are responsible for maintaining the entire sewer lateral line from their building to the point of connection, including the connection, with their city’s main line.

Without regular maintenance, sewer lateral lines can become blocked or otherwise impaired, causing waste material to back up into your house and the adjacent environment. Besides the normal wear and tear of daily use, pipes can be damaged by flushing inappropriate items down your sink or toilet – as well as by underground tree roots.

As tree roots grow, they expand and apply considerable pressure on your underground sewer lines. Eventually, this creates cracks in your lateral sewer pipe, allowing soil and other debris to enter. Once cracks occur, roots may even begin to grow inside the pipe and eventually break or totally collapse them, requiring a major pipe replacement project.

Relatively unknown culprits of clogged sewer lines also include fats, oil, and grease.  These sticky substances can build up on the side walls of pipes and actually reduce their internal diameter. Unfortunately, wastewater professionals are also discovering that flushable wipes are not safe for sewage systems. The tough fibers cling to the interior walls of pipeline and can also clog pumps that transport sewage away to local treatment plants.

If you do find yourself with backed up sewer pipes, in most cases your plumber will recommend services that involve rodding your lateral line and/or hydro jetting to remove the blockages. In this case, plumbers will thread a flexible metal cable with an attached cutting tool into your sewer line. Hydro jetting involves cleaning the line with high pressure water and is a bit more aggressive in removing stubborn roots.

Unfortunately, if left unchecked, these common problems can eventually cause several thousands of dollars’ worth of property damage to your home and the surrounding area. As the old adage goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and this is especially true in the case of plumbing problems. By conducting an annual sewer lateral inspection, you can save your family and your city council members some major headaches.

Sewer lateral inspections in Costa Mesa are especially important because of the proximity of many of the city’s homes to local beaches and nature preserves. The CCTV Program (Closed Circuit Television) will provide eligible Costa Mesa residents with a FREE CCTV video inspection.

Our experienced team of plumbers can put your mind at ease by conducting a comprehensive sewer lateral inspection in Costa Mesa or anywhere in Orange County. Contact us today!