Our Team

Our Team

Thomas Pangrazio
From the Founder of Parzival Plumbing

My name is Thomas Pangrazio, and I am the owner and founder of Parzival Plumbing. I truly believe that my company is Orange County’s #1 Plumbing Company in Service and Value.

In college, back in New York and later in Madrid, Spain, I was a passionate student of religion, philosophy and mythology. The stories of King Arthur, the Knights of the Round Table, and the Grail Quest in particular spoke to me. Parzival was one of King Arthur’s Knights; he became the Grail Knight. As the tale is told, Parzival unknowingly found himself in the presence of the Grail. And in the presence of the Grail, powerful inner impulses and questions arose in him. His quest became a journey of inner growth and development that led him to be the best human being he could be. This archetypal myth had the power to awaken the same impulses and questions in myself, and as I followed my own personal path into business, I knew it would be a priority for me to follow the path of “right livelihood” – to create a company that outwardly offers a valuable service to the community and inwardly is a place where employees are truly supported and encouraged to be the best they can be.

Orange County’s #1 plumbing Company in Service and Value through Integrity, Innovation and Interdependence. The difference is our people. We provide better service for a lower price!

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